Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Photo Wanderings - The First Day of Spring

So the first day of spring was quite a while ago - but today was the first day we actually had decent weather that was worth bearing in the UK.

I took this rare opportunity to head out with my new camera purchase to give it a whirl.

In typical british style, a sunny bank holiday monday was always going to be busy wherever you went. I'm quite lucky to have a little slice of countryside of my own, well kind of... 
My mother's house is a little cottage in Warwickshire that is set in a very peaceful and tranquil location, so we decided to potter around the village instead of bearing the bank holiday crowds. 

Armed with my new Lomo'Instant (I caved) I took her for a whirl and captured the sunny day in Instax Mini's.  I absolutely adore this camera, using the creative mode with no flash creates soft lomo instant images that are just perfection. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Impossible Project Film Haul

Yes this is a film haul weird I know but I just had to tell someone about the things I bought. 

The Impossible Project occasionally sell Factory Seconds Bags which contain packs of film that do not quite meet IP's selling standards. This might include scratches on the film, frame defects, colour shifts etc. But for any instant lovers this is a brilliant opportunity to bag a bargain (literally)

I managed to get my hands on a bag which contained 3 films of 600 Film - Color 600, B&W 600 and Color 600 Gold Frame edition. This worked out to be around £7 per pack which was a nice £10 discount per pack of film. I wasn't too worried about the defects as it all adds to the charm of the image and in fact I didn't find many while shooting! 

Up until now I had never shot 600 film - I'm usually an SX-70 kind of girl despite having plenty of 600 Polaroid cameras lying around. 
After shooting my first pack I was pleasantly surprised; The 600 ISO instead of 125 ISO was brilliant - this meant I could shoot in darker lighting conditions (dull UK days in particular) without having to worry too much about camera shake because the film was faster. 

The 600 film formula seems to be better developed compared to SX-70 film. My shots had more accurate colours and a much better tonal range (even with second's film!) 

If you're a newbie or just fancy experimenting then keep an eye out for these packs! 
They're amazing value so you don't have to worry too much about making mistakes :)


Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Photography Show 2015

A few days ago me and a friend visited The Photography Show in Birmingham. 

The 4 day show consisted of mainly camera businesses and photography brands, which made a great opportunity to check out all the latest gear!  (I drooled over the Nikon stand) 

During the event they also held artist talks on the 'Super Stage' and when we saw Martin Parr was attending we knew we had to go! 
You don't get many chances to meet a photographer like Parr, although he's a british photographer I haven't seen many local events featuring his talks and so this was an excellent opportunity to hear about Parr's career, aspirations and amusing British humour. (blog post to follow!)

I had to be restrained numerous times to stop me whipping out my purse and indulging in a new camera purchase, I definitely had my eye on a few!

One of my favourite stalls was Lomography, you probably already know who these guys are! 
I love their lighthearted approach to photography, reminding me not to take it all so seriously and to remember to experiment and be free with a bit of Lo-Fi action. 
I did eye up their new camera release; Lomo'instant a brand new instant camera that shoots on Instax Mini's. As you all know, I love instant photography and Instax film is dirt cheap at about 70p per shot so this was appealing to me on many levels and have you seen how cute those mini photos are?!

Another stall I spent too long gawping at was The Impossible Project, this was a brilliant opportunity to bag some packs of film without have to stake out that nasty USA postage fee! 
I thought I would try a different type of film  and ended up going for the circle frames. I chose a pack of white frames and black frames, I'll let you know how I get on!

If you're thinking about going to next years show, I would definitely recommend it! and I can't wait for them to announce next year's artist talks. 
A word of warning... be well prepared to fight the need to buy everything, it's virtually camera porn. 


Thursday, 19 March 2015

20 Facts You Should Know About Me

I thought I should introduce myself...

1. Hi, I'm Alice 
2. I'm currently studying a Photography degree at Coventry University
3. I'm a book worm - particularly Young Adult & Fantasy Fiction, which definitely includes Harry Potter
4. I'm a camera hoarder... Polaroid and film cameras especially. You know, the ones that smell good.
5. I'm a bit of an old soul
6. I still have baby teeth.. Useless fact I know, but you get an idea of my struggles
7. I have a 1 year old puppy called Evie, named after the Pokemon Eevee, but the vet spelt it wrong and you know, it kinda stuck.
8. I have a severe Youtube addiction. 
9. I have brown eyes, which tend to turn green in the summer
10. I have a lot of freckles (thanks Dad!)
11. I'm a dog person, although I have nothing against cats.
12. I like the smell of Books.. just stick your nose right in there! 
13. I don't believe in superstition... but I will still salute to a single magpie, be extra careful around mirrors and stay indoors on Friday 13th.. just in case. 
14. I'm british, but I don't drink tea... or coffee. I still think of them as 'Grown up' drinks.
15. I definitely prefer photographing on film rather than digital. 
16. My favourite bands include Pixies, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins... basically I was born in the wrong era. 
17. I have a Uni blog which you can find here , you can see all the work I've been up to on there.
18. I have a fiancĂ©... He's called Max, I think he's cool. 
19. Currently trying to learn French because someday I would like to live there. 
20. I've started a blog, you're reading it now :)

Alice x 
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